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Executive Problem Solvers:

Alan Barsky.


Chief Innovation Officer.

Three Decades in Advertising and Marketing. Plus one decade in Brain Science of hypnotic strategies and copywriting, make one mean, dedicated, marketeer.

David Werber.



Smart decisions and an ability to tell a story efficiently, with skills finely honed during his time on Rikers' Island, the New York prison. As a Defense Attorney for some of America's historic criminals, David had sometimes minutes to craft a defense to get them their best available options. He would compose his copy, verbal and written, and then present it in a fast pace back and forth between Police, Court Officeers and himself. Often, OFTEN, in fifteen minutes a decision was reached and the prisoner left, either to be transfered to a better facility or situation, or heard the clanck as he was being locked back into his Rykers' cell. When my client's lifeblood is on the line, I'll chose a copywriter who knows how to write with the passion and conviction of writing, while knowing the only possible result is  either freedom or incarceration.

Richard Blondy.


Sound & Vision Creative Director.

Music and photography? Richard knows more about making a band come alive in a photograph than anyone else on this planet. Check out his personal Facebook page "Direct From Detroit",  for rock and roll action.

Paul Wiener.


Voice and Strategy Mastercrafter.

Strategic development for radio commercials:, craft-level writing with beefy voiceovers, that warm hearts, increase memory and invite relationships with the brand. No standard out-of-the-box follower, he surprises everyday with his emotionally stirring wordsmithery.

Steve Bhaerman.


Humor As Wisdom, Wisdom As Humor Dept.—Director.

In charge of song paradies that not only get attention, but cleverly relate to the product's benefit. "Perfect Sound at Perfect Fit", and "Roll Those Windows UP", are just two examples of transforming a purchase decision, into a catchy tune that stays in the consumer's mind for days, weeks,!" 

Judson Mayer.

Puducherry, India office


The Future Is Now—Director.

When it is Monday, 12 noon in the San Francisco Office, it is 3:30 AM on Tuesday in the Puducherry ofice. At the exact same time.  As such, Judson is always a day ahead of everyone in the United States, and, after speaking with him on Skype or on the phone, it becomes apparent, that this is true in many interesintg ways. Judson is setting up mutual business and education arrangements with clients in India and clients in the United Statees, in many ways seen, and as yet, unseen.  


Jay Randy Gordon.


Veep. New Accounts.

"There are 'Statement Games' and there are 'Signature Brands' - To date, have you played your best game ? Have you built your best brand ? We have stories. Let us help you craft and win. There is nothing like 'feeling a yes' from those you wish to attract to your brand, to your game."

Howard Barsky.


Vice President of No Bullshit.

Howard's job is to make certain no ad campaign contains any bullshit. He oversees client aquisition, and thumbs down any client that negatively affects the environment or works against the Common Good.  


Ian Blei.


Motivation and Interaction Analyst.

Ian brings insight into the personality of target markets

as well as the personality of the Brand. Combining assessment technologies, neuroscience,

and cognitive linguistics, he can uncover the “why”

behind interactions and choices, and evoke excellence from individuals and teams.  Getting to “Yes” has never been clearer.

Brian Narelle.


Is Brian a Cartoonist, a Screenwriter, an Actor or Corporate Puppeteer?

I guesss it depends on his mood. He is in charge of all four around here. Whatever medium he employs, it gets right to the heart of the message, rendering rival products and services impotent.  And your message All-Powerful. "Cartooning is using the least amount of ink, to create the most effective message."


Sylvia "Chipps" Newsom.


Executive Director of Looking Good.

Fashion and retail strategy. Designing retail stores for maximizing sales and "looking good."



DIrector of Political Strategy Division.


International Author, Speaker, European and U.S. Political and Strategic Planning Consultatnt. George Soros trained protege'.

This French speaking woman knows how to make a mean salmon, egg, tarragon omlet with Creme Fresh. Is this her secret to her nueroscience based communication? How does humour blend into stone soup? How do political candidates get together with our trained team, share their deepest fears as we convert them to insightful ways to success? You'll have to call us and talk to her.


Diane McDonald.


ECreative ideas and multiple strategies conecting to the music industry.



Mr. Bentley.


"At work near the Bow Bells, while showing willing on our writings, it could get all hurleigh burleigh. The top brass had to talk a La Mode round by the dustbins, but the knuckle downs, Cockneys and Londoners alike, could always close ranks and bond,

the work would pass muster,

and everyone would be

'happy as Larry'."


-- Francis "Mister" Bentley.  (Born in the Bloomsbury, London area), and Co-Founder.

F.  Lord.


"As a scouser lad I was, I would be out of the

office smoking ciggies and walkin' round the tougher areas before tea, and and always had these jarg sunnies off this wool.  Sure, they

were a bit antwacky, but I was proper

skint back then, fella."


-- Francis "Frank" Lord.  

(Born on the wrong side of the tracks  in Liverpool), and Co-Founder.  Or, as he loved to chortle with a wry grin—"ConFounder."

Danielle Argulair.


ECreative ideas and multiple strategies conecting to the relationships.


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