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Puducherry, India Office

(also spelled Pondicherry)


Judson Mayer, Director-The Future Now

Head of the India Operations, has been an international investor, inventor, artist and designer of adventures that turn a profit, throughout much of his life. He understands that rather than just understand the Mysteries of Life, what it is like to simply allow one's self to drift into the Mystery, and make things happen, even when others said "impossible". He has solid connections from Northern California to Paris, to Southern India and all parts in between. Contact us with what you want to happen, and with intention, planning and follow-through, we will make it become a reality.

Organic Ayurvedic Herbs

Imagine healthy organic, herbs, grown on pure soil, according to strict Ayurvedic standards.

Kabbalistic Art in Three Mediums

Fabrics from Istanbul, Turkey, and Milan, Italy, and materials from small villages, and even the dirt beneath his feet, become symbols of energy, that you can feel.

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