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Promise Sleep
Imagine Chocolate

Imagine chocolate brings together taste and music in perfect harmony. Imagine Chocolate's proprietary blend of chocolates and savory ingredients make for amazing tastes that are combined with the song titles that define generations. These chocolate creations are sure to rock your taste buds.

How big do you think the need is to fall asleep ? Just look around at your friends and family. Not everyone shops at Macy's, Dux, or SleepNumber, but everyone needs to visit dreamland, and get a good night's sleep, every single night. Even if they did shop other beds, they would not find what is offered here. This is a science-based, clinically-proven, sleep and alignment optimization company with all the accessories you need to stop snoring, breathe easier, and get rest.

America used to be amongst the most educated countries around, with a public education system second to none. Now, we rank less than half of Europe. It is up to the private sector to make up the difference. But, the school that can promise to make each of its students healthier, is a rare bird indeed. Hawthorn University specializes in Nutrition and prioritizes keeping students healthy.

vTrue Radiance is a physician-developed blend of 25 botanical extracts, minerals and vitamins that promote beautiful skin from within

Hawthorn University
vTrue;  a Beauty Beverage Skin Supplement

Randy's Hot Biz Picks


Every Quarter,  I, Jay Randy Gordon, will spot a product, business, service, offer, or trend, that, in my opinion, is really on the way up. We can later discuss their category vertical and how well they could play against the field. These are the ones that, I truly believe, deserve a good look right now:

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